Chester Brown’s PAYING FOR IT is sure to be one of the most-discussed GNs of the year, and D&Q has just released the final cover. In case you missed the log line, it’s an account of Brown’s decade-long practice of hiring prostitutes and his arguments for the dignity and necessity of the profession — in Canada, certain forms of prostitution are legal, but that situation is changing for the worse, and Brown makes a pretty impassioned plea in the book to expand on the legalization of what really should be a business transaction between adults. We’ve read the whole thing, and while we’re not quite on board with some of of it, he does make a good case for keeping things safe and legal. The book will have an intro by R. Crumb and blurbs from many famous folks, including Neil Gaiman, who writes:

PAYING FOR IT is as personal as you can get. It’s a clear-eyed, not-even-slightly-erotic, compulsively readable, sometimes painfully honest account of his time, reasons and experiences paying for sex. I learned things about Chester from reading this, and I learned things about sex-workers, and about the world, and, oddly, I think I learned things about myself.


  1. let’s see if the book lives up to the unfortunate mental pictures i’ve been stuck with since Brown first announced he was working on this a few years ago.

  2. Heidi, can you send me your preview copy (grin)!? I promise I’ll still stock and sell this, but I want to read this now.

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  3. From its roots in oral tradition to its gripping, seat-of-the-pants narrative, this historical missive offers it all, at broadband pace!

  4. I’m actually looking forward to reading this. Chester Brown has always provided honesty in his work, & regardless of your feelings about the legalization of prostitution, I bet I’m not going to be able to put it down.

  5. I always wonder what to buy my better-paying, regular Johns for Christmas. Ties are too impersonal, and it’s not like they want a second b.j. after the one they just payed for. Thanks to Chester Brown, this year, gift-giving will be easy!