ICV2 reports that PAX, the video game confab put on by the Penny Arcade folks, is coming to the East Coast in conjunction with the Reed Expo people:

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) will be adding an East Coast show to its schedule in 2010. The event will be organized by Reed Exhibitions, the convention organizer behind New York Comic Con, New York Anime Festival, Book Expo America, and over 500 other events in 38 countries. The exact date and location of the show has yet to be determined, and it appears that the East Coast version will be in addition to the Seattle show.

PAX spun off of the strip but now draws nearly 40,000 attendees and has become the consumer-level replacement for E3, the big vid game show.


  1. Usurping the BIG APPLE CON in its hometown… now getting the heir for E3 in 2010… all Reed Exhibitions need to do is get SHOWEAST to move up to New York— and their East Coast ‘backward engineering’ of SDCC is complete!