Did you know that Marvel Comics is still publishing comics RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE? It’s true! STRANGE TALES #1 — chock full of indie/Marvel goodness — goes on sale tomorrow, in fact, and here’s an exclusive preview of the Paul Pope Inhuman tale that resides within. Click for larger versions.




Thanks to Jody LeHeup and Arune Singh.

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  1. man…

    Pope is the son of Kirby. he should be doing something with Morrison. a vortex would open and Kirby’s head would come through and spread enlightment through colourful soundwaves.

  2. Am I the only one who much prefers seeing Paul soaring out there on his own amazing, personal, self-created stuff instead of this nice, very nice, pay-the-bills, work-for-hire, propping up Misdarvneyel corporate properties? Roll on Battling Boy and Complete THB please!

  3. I am looking forward to this comic. I’ll keep an open mind on how indie creators will interpret the Marvel universe. Since I enjoyed the recent Omega the Unknown, I should be okay.

    However, I gave up on DC’s Wednesday Comics after week 4. In many cases, I found each new week’s episodes either didn’t advance the stories far enough, or in some cases, I couldn’t even understand the visuals (coughWWcough) or decipher the lettering. Metal Men was my favourite during those 4 weeks.

    So, on to Strange Tales! Hopefully Paul Pope’s Inhumans story will have dialogue included in the art, or I will be puzzled and lost yet again…

  4. Nice, sweet stuff. I was able to to say hello and express my appreciation for his work at SDCC and I came away an even bigger fan. Even though he had many demands on his time, he couldn’t have been more gracious.

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  6. Read the book today. The Punisher “Scared Smart” story is about the funniest thing I’ve ever read in a comic book.