Former DC Comics President Paul Levitz is writing a new mini-series for Valiant called The Visitor.

The book, which also features artwork by Russ Manning award nominee MJ Kim, will run for five issues, with the first coming out in December. The publisher made the announcement via an exclusive Tuesday with The Hollywood Reporter. The story is about the titular the visitor mysteriously arriving in the current Valiant Universe…on a mission that could change the future and wipe out part of New York City.

The book re-uses a character name from the first iteration of the Valiant Universe in the 1990s, but name aside, it is an all-new creation. Valiant spoke to THR about the new project, noting that it can serve as an entry point for new Valiant readers.

It’s certainly serving as an entry point for a new Valiant writer, that write being Levitz. Levitz, of course, is closely associated with DC Comics — being president of a publisher will do that — where he most-famously has steered the Legion of Super-Heroes franchise for many years. As that property prepares to enter a new era, Levitz is seemingly doing so himself, at least creatively, working within another superhero universe.

In an interview with THR, Levitz attributed the move to a long-time friendship he’s had with current Valiant publisher, Fred Pierce. Levitz went on to note The Visitor is very much of a place (that place being New York City), that like some of his most beloved work it is largely a mystery story, and the vast talent of his collaborator, Kim.

A promotional image (with art by Amilcar Pinna) and preview pages from The Visitor by Kim, can be found below:

The Visitor