How much work did the Lost brain trust put into their (last?) Comic-Con panel presentation? A lot, according to an article in today’s NYT.

“Is it too late for when Carlton and I come out onstage for there to be giant towers of flames?” Mr. Lindelof said (mostly) facetiously.

Tip of the hat to Peter Sanderson, since we saw the story first from his Facebook link.

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  1. i recorded the whole thing (audio only) and will probably release a special for my podcast (COMIC NEWS INSIDER) w/ it including some smaller press bits w/ some cast and a longer one w/ michael emerson. i’ll keep ya posted!

  2. Chuck’s bitching is unwarranted and would likely have gone unsaid had he brought an interesting product mix to the show and done better business.

    Hundreds of readily available trades at above-amazon prices, peppered with “We Prosecute Shoplifters” signs is hardly in keeping with the stuff/environment that SDCC buyers are after.

    If Chuck’s stores have the weight & inventory he suggests they do, he ought to be looking for exclusives, signings, etc to lure customers to his tables. Trades were almost uniformly at 50% off list throughout the con, but not from Chuck.

    But Chuck wasn’t the only retailer with his sights set on the past, so it’s hardly fair to pick on him alone (although he’s certainly in a better position to leverage a better booth than most). Many sellers had tables full of near worthless dead inventory that, it looked to me, would not have covered the cost of the booth even if every piece was sold.

    Inventive, savvy retailers were all telling me sales were up. Antiquated old school con dealers with formerly “hot” books and 15 year old McFarlane toys were all singing the blues. Hmmm…

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