Last June, Starfire #1 debuted as part of the DC YOU campaign.  From the creators of the successful Harley Quinn series Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda ConnerStarfire seemed like it would be a sure hit.  Unfortunately, like many other titles from the DC YOU campaign, the series has now officially been cancelled.

As originally reported by Comics AllianceStarfire will conclude in May with issue #12.  During an interview with the two creators, reporter Katie Schenkel asked them to weigh in on the state of the book.  Palmiotti said:

When we were offered Starfire over a year ago, Amanda and I committed to 12 issues total, nothing more and nothing less, and with the series ending with us. We worked out the year in advance, and now we are writing the last couple of issues. Nothing has changed for us on any level. What they’ll do with the character after us is in the hands of the people at DC Comics and we are good with whatever they choose.

Conner added:

Yes, most of the time I have about six to twelve issues of ideas in me, so that’s what I try to commit to. That said, now that we’re nearing twelve issues, we really love Kori’s character, and the series ending doesn’t mean you won’t see Starfire pop up in other places!

While Palmiotti and Conner claim the timing of Starfire‘s ending isn’t indicative of anything, it does coincide with the release of issue #52 of many flagship DC series that launched during the New 52 campaign in 2011.  The rumor goes that after issue #52, DC will go through a #Rebirth. Event book?  Re-numbering?  Full line relaunch?  Who knows for sure.  Maybe we’ll see a new Starfire sooner than we think.

Until then, Starfire #9 is out now.



  1. Sad news! I followed the book, and was GLAD that Kory had had some happiness in her life! What DC needs to do is return to the classic design of Kory, massive auburn curls, and solid green eyes – and re-establish her with the classic New Teen Titans!

    In their own super-group, of course….

  2. Really? Starfire is one of the very few titles from DC in my store that is almost stable and actually sells. The incompetence at DC continues to astound!

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