As some of you may know, when we’re not toiling away on The Beat we’re toiling away at Publishers Weekly on various odd jobs like splitting wood and fetching water from the old well. This is “clean-up” week, as they say, at the office, and we’re all supposed to be emptying out our secret hidey-hole cabinets and closets and what not. In an office chock-a-block full of book-loving packrats who gets hundred of free books a day, you can probably guess at the enormity of the task.

Anyway, we’ve been cleaning out our cubicle, and in just a few short years we’ve been able to amass a ginormous, community college-level (at the least) collection of graphic novels and promo pieces. Throwing things out is not our style, so we’re going to try to repurpose some of these fine books as GIVE-A-WAYS here at The Beat. See now, that ended up being exciting anyway! No purchase will be necessary to enter because that’s apparently regulated . And we haven’t figured out how we’ll choose the winners yet either. Probably essay contests or baton twirling or something.

Anyhoo, we may also be doing some reviewing, since we feel horrible tossing a book someone sent in without at least glancing inside…we’ll see. Reviewing is time consuming, but so is link blogging. No promises; we’re creatures of habit.


  1. Gar!

    By Bluebeard’s severed testicle!

    If its a contest ye be wantin’ ye best be warned that the bone locker has room for thee if I be not the winning captain!

  2. As a fellow packrat, I understand your dilemma. Here’s my solution: call the Teen Librarian at NYPL’s Donnely Branch. Ask them if they would want your donation, for both the adult and young adult collections. If so, then consider a PWwide donation. Greater Good, Reduced Stress.
    Or you could put the whole shebang on eBay, and send the money to ALA or CBLDF.
    so, what’s Calvin doing with his pile?

  3. As a college student who likes to read graphic novels but can’t really afford them at this point, this is a terrific idea.

  4. I have an idea. List some of the books you want to givewaya and make people send you reviews of the books based on what they think they might be like judging only by the cover and the title and whatever they know about the artist/writer’s past work.

    The answer that amuses you most for each GN, gets the book…

    then, if you so chose, you could even get them to send an actual review after they actually read it… which you could publish on THE BEAT, if you so chose, allowing you to make it look (to a casual glancer) like you were reading and reviewing BAJILLIONS of GNs. And, also, giving the creators a little more attention than they would have and making them feel not-so-bad about sending you the free book.