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The Macomb Daily covers opening day:

Kaplan, chief of special prosecutions, conceded the case against George is almost all circumstantial, as he will show George at the time of the killing had had an affair with one woman two years earlier and was having an affair with the woman to whom he is now married, Renee George. Michael George wanted a smooth divorce, but Barbara George, 32, a Warren native, didn’t want to get divorced and would make a divorce hard for him, Kaplan said.

“Barbara George wasn’t happy in the marriage but wanted to make the marriage work for the (two) children,” Kaplan said.

The defense counters:

The defense acknowledges their client is flawed but was not at the store at the time of the slaying. Instead, he was lying on a couch at his mother’s Hazel Park home some 15 miles away.

“There is simply no – zero, zip, nada – physical evidence … placing Michael George at the scene,” defense attorney Joseph Kosmala told jurors in his opening statement. “Justice is not served by convicting the wrong man.”

The prosecution will call about 40 witnesses, the defense, 7. The case is beginning to garner some attention in the mainstream media and will be featured on NBC Dateline at some point, we’re told.


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