We didn’t get a chance to experience Black Friday first hand today (too much sleeping during the day).

Anyone want to share their expierences from shopping today, at the local comics store, big box retailer or online?

Thankfully, our latest Amazon order came on Wednesday, allowing us to spent much of Thanksgiving night watching Season Three of our all-time favorite TV show, Mission: Impossible.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. It was busy at my store, but not crazy. (crazy is when all 25 registers are staffed.) Barnes & Noble open regular hours, offer no specials, and so our customers are a bit more civilized.
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  2. I used to work retail at mall bookstores, and hated Black Friday. It seems to bring out the nasties in almost everyone who’s shopping. It was bad 30 years ago, and it’s worse now. So now, I avoid going out on that day and just stay home. I went to our local bookstores on Tuesday and Wednesday to shop, and to my LCS on Wednesday afternoon. I haven’t finished working through my Christmas list, so I’ll be doing some more shopping, but because I work at home, my hours are flexible, and I can go out on weekdays and avoid most of the weekend crushes.

  3. I went to McDonalds and got this really great deal on a double cheeseburger for only 1 buck!

    (Yes, I’m bored and looking to cause trouble.)

  4. Black Friday was International Buy Nothing Day. My brother and I went to the Pacific Heritage Mall to try the New guy night for WizKids HeroClix (free demo of the game get a free Rampaging Hulk for you and friend) and after awaiting around an hour while my brother bought some bootleg DVDs was told that the demo was BUY two boosters next week. We made it home in time to see Numbers which featured Wil Wheaton and a comic convention. In Canada the sales were nothing unusual as we usually wait for Boxing Day.

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