After unprecedented demand sent Once & Future #1 into five printings, BOOM! Studios announced on Monday that the mini-series will now be an ongoing story from Kieron GillenDan Mora and Tamra Bonvillain.

“Kieron, Dan, and Tamra have, without a doubt, crafted one of the hit series of 2019 and we’re very excited to say that the adventure has just begun,” said Matt Gagnon, BOOM! Editor-in-Chief, in a statement. “Fans will get even more action, excitement, and intrigue as Once & Future continues to spin ancient myths and legends into brand new epic quests for readers everywhere.”

The series follows ex-monster hunter Bridgette McGuire, who pulls her unsuspecting grandson Duncan into a world of magic and mysticism. The Arthurian tale tackles Nationalism in a politically-relevant story for 2019. Issue #2 hits shelves September 18.


  1. this is always suspect to me. was it designed as a miniseries from the outset, a miniseries which could have sequel minis down the road, or is this just to see if people are gonna bite before confirming that the series in question will have more than ~5-6 issues? because if this was designed as a miniseries from the outset, that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the series in terms of pacing.

    my gut thought is this seems like it’s just a headline grabber. BOOM! has done this repeatedly, with Mech Cadet Yu and Ronin Island springing to mind as recent examples. the only way this makes sense is if they were gauging interest to see if it’d have future stories told as arcs of a consistent ongoing or as sequel miniseries, like what the Pestilence team has done over at AfterShock.

    I mean, good for the creative team that this has done so well. I prefer condensed stories of a few issues, but if they wanna expand this then more power to them. much respect for Gillen and Mora creatively.

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