As reported previously, Saturday posed some serious challenges to both the Denver Comic Con attendees and the staff trying to handle unprecedented numbers seeking entrance to the convention center and the show floor. Luckily, as the afternoon progressed, the strategy was clearly updated to handle some of these problems. At noon, problems were at their height with lines for entry lasting as long as an hour or more, but by 3 o’clock, some of the access plans had changed in a fairly systematic way, adapted to move attendees more quickly into the center and also onto the floor.IMG_5661 From one narrow entry point, the entryway had been moved to a large bank of doorways, with virtually no line building up, and when approaching the floor, the staff were now checking bags along the line before fans reached the turnstiles, enabling things to flow more smoothly, backing up for only a few minutes. In addition, the previously blocked second set of doors to the floor were now being used as an exit. Once on the floor, the atmosphere was practically heady and very busy for vendors, publishers, and artists. The fact that con-goers were so upbeat spoke to the success of the changes, changes that hopefully will be part of the opening strategy for Sunday also.

There was also a tremendous representation for cosplay throughout the con, with as much as a third of people in costume and happy to pose for photo ops. Panels in the lower areas of the convention center were also running more smoothly, and were very well attended by enthusiastic crowds. Children’s activities hosted by Comic Book Classroom were particularly engaged, and the kids attending were to all appearances having a great time drawing and explaining their comics in workshops. It was a swift, and hopeful recovery for Denver Comic Con no doubt due to a willingness to adapt to issues earlier in the day with determination. Here are some cosplay photos and floor images to give you an idea of the resurgent atmosphere Saturday afternoon at DCC.









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