While the old man bar/comics jam site crisis continues, we are happy to state that we have spotted unequivocal evidence of an Old Man Bar still in existence in Gramercy Park. We were walking by Rolf’s on 3rd Avenue about 4:30 yesterday when we spotted an old man sitting in the window. Not only was he old, but he was even wearing the traditional Old Man Band-Aid, and to make it even more classic, it was hanging off his face! Sometimes the old ways are best.


  1. MMMM…. potato pancakes.

    If you desire more affordable German food, try Hallo Berlin on Tenth Avenue:

    Now if only someone would start a Nordsee franchise in North America… *geifern*

    If you want an excuse for excess, German-American day is October 6th. And if you wish to get “spiritual”, there are numerous patron saints of suds: Brigid, Nicholas, Augustine, and Wenceslas being the most famous.

  2. FYI, Rolfs is perpetually packed and way too festive for what you seem to be looking for. It’s christmas all year long and sort of a touristy type place even without tourists.

    If you are looking for a frequently empty Irish bar with huge space, I suggest Shades Of Green on 15th street off Lex.