Well, it’s nice to be back home with Little Inky and Future Mr Beat, but the news is piling up like cord wood! MOCCA! Tokyopop! Heroes Con! San Diego! Final Crisis! Wizard World! Borders! We’re trying to wade through the most important parts right now.


  1. Haven’t followed who any Durante-inspired Inky Dinky Doo might be, but I always thought I was the Future Mr. Beat.

    (Ya, that needy Lindsay Lohan is always beggin’ me to get hitched, but I didn’t wanna go second choice!)

  2. “Little Inky and Future Mr Beat”

    I blinked, and read this twice, before I realized it didn’t mean you were preggers, Heidi. “Little Inky” sounds like one of those euphemisms couples employ to refer to their maturing, in-utero zygote, before they know its sex.