This afternoon, the Official Selections for the big prize at the 2019 FIBD in Angoulême were announced, along with prize nominees. The prizes – known as the Fauves – are one of the most prestigious in worldwide comics.

In addition, Pierre Cristin, 80, the writer of Valerian and many other comic, was awarded the Prix René-Goscinny 2019, a lifetime achievement award for writers.

This year’s festival will be held January 24-27, and the Grand Marshall is American cartoonist Richard Corben. Manga master Taiyo Matsumoto. Milo Manara and Rutu Modan are among the other creators being spotlighted.

As for the main prize, there are 48 selections including (TA DAHHH) My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris, the book that swept all of the US comics awards this year. Nick Drnaso’s Sabrina was also selected.

The nominees – taken from Tout le BD – are listed in French, but I’ve supplied the English titles of international selections. It’s more of a “literary” list than some past groups, which were scolded for picking more mainstream US fare.

  • Ailefroide – Altitude 3954 by Jean-Marc Rochette et Olivier Bocquet (Casterman)
  • Alice dans le Sussex by Nicolas Mahler (L’Association)
  • Andy, un conte de faits by Typex (Casterman)
  • L’Arabe du futur t.4 by Riad Sattouf (Allary)
  • A travers by Tom Haugomat (Thierry Magnier)
  • Bezimena, by Nina Bunjevac (Ici Même)
  • Blue Giant t.3 by Shinichi Ishizuka (Glénat)
  • Bolchoi Arena t.1 by Aseyn et Boulet (Delcourt)
  • La Cantine de minuit t.3 by Yarô Abe (Le Lézard Noir)
  • Charlotte impératrice t.1 by Matthieu Bonhomme et Fabien Nury (Dargaud) 
  • *Les Chefs d’oeuvre de Lovecraft t.1 by Gou Tanabe (Ki-oon)
  • Chroniques du léopard by Téhem et Appollo (Dargaud)
  • Claudine à l’école by Lucie Durbiano (Gallimard)
  • Courtes distances (Other People) by Joff Winterhart (Çà et Là)
  • Dansker by Halfdan Pisket (Presque Lune)
  • Deux femmes by Song Aram (Çà et Là)
  • Les Grands Espaces by Catherine Meurisse (Dargaud)
  • Heimat, loin de mon pays by Nora Krug (Gallimard)
  • Il faut flinguer Ramirez t.1 by Nicolas Petrimaux (Glénat)
  • Indélébiles by Luz (Futuropolis)
  • Israti ! t.2 by Golo (Actes Sud)
  • Kimi le vieux chien by Nylso (Misma)
  • Lune du matin by Francesco Cattani (Atrabile)
  • Malaterre by Pierre-Henry Gomont (Dargaud)
  • Moi, ce que j’aime c’est les monstres (My Favorite Thing Is Monsters) by Emil Ferris (Monsieur Toussaint Louverture) 
  • Peintures de guerre by Angel de la Calle (Otium)
  • Pittsburg by Frank Santoro (Çà et Là) 9 Coming in English next year!
  • Pline t.5 by Miki Tori et Mari Yamazaki (Casterman)
  • Renaissance t.1 by Emem, Fred Duval et Frédéric Blanchard (Dargaud)
  • Les Rigoles by Brecht Evens (Actes Sud)
  • Royal City t.2 by Jeff Lemire (Urban Comics)
  • Sabrina by Nick Drnaso (Presque Lune)
  • Saltiness t.3 by Minoru Furuya (Akata)
  • Servir le peuple by Alex W. Inker et Yan Lianke (Sarbacane)
  • Sheriff of Babylon by Mitch Gerads et Tom King (Urban Comics)
  • Sous la maison (Crawl Space) by Jesse Jacobs (Tanibis)
  • Spirou ou l’espoir malgré tout by Emile Bravo (Dupuis)
  • Sunny Sunny Ann by Miki Yamamoto (Pika)
  • Ted, drôle de coco by Emilie Gleason (Atrabile)
  • The Artist, le cycle éternel by Anna Haifisch (Misma)
  • Théodore Poussin t.13 by Frank Le Gall (Dupuis)
  • Le Vol nocturne by Delphine Panique (Cornélius)
  • Voyages en Egypte et en Nubie de Giambattista Belzoni t.2 by Lucie Castel, Grégory Jarry et Nicolas Augereau (Flblb)
  • Wonderland t.3 by Yugo Ishikawa (Panini)
  • Xibalba by Simon Roussin (2024)

- La sélection jeunesse :
 given to material for younger readers

  • Anders et le volcan (Anders and the Volcano) by Gregory Mackay (The Hoochie Coochie)
  • L’Atelier des sorciers t.1 by Shirahama Kamome (Pika)
  • Les Aventures de Hong Kiltong by Yoon-sun Park (Misma)
  • Calf Boy by Rémi Farnos (La Pastèque)
  • Les Cavaliers de l’apocadispe maîtrisent la situation by Libon (Dupuis)
  • Crevette by Elodie Shanta (La Pastèque)
  • Le Prince et la couturière (The Prince and the Dressmaker)  by Jen Wang (Akiléos)
  • Stig et Tilde t.1 by Max de Radiguès (Sarbacane)
  • The Amazing World of Gumball t.1, collectif (Urban Kids)
  • Wonder Pony t.1 by Marie Spénale (Jungle)

- La sélection patrimoine : Given to the best reprint project

  • Batman, la légende t.1 by Neal Adams, Bob Haney et Dennis O’Neil (Urban Comics)
  • Charivari ! by Maki Sasaki (Le Lézard Noir)
  • Le Coeur révélateur by Alberto Breccia (Rackham)
  • The Game, histoires 1968-1970 by Guy Pellaert (Prairial)
  • Idée by Frans Masereel (Martin de Halleux)
  • M. Poche by Alin Saint-Ogan (Revival)
  • Oeuvres 1 by Guido Buzzelli (Les Cahiers dessinés)
  • Les Travaux d’Hercule by Gustave Doré (2024)

- La Sélection Polar SNCF : Best thriller – a genre very popular in France that I wish was more popular here!

  • The Fix t.1 by Steve Lieber et Nick Spencer (Urban Comics)
  • Gramercy Park by Christian Cailleaux et Timothée de Fombelle (Gallimard)
  • Kill my mother by Jules Feiffer (Actes Sud)
  • Ville-Vermine t.1 by Julien Lambert (Sarbacane)
  • Les Visés by Thomas Gosselin et Giacomo Nanni (Cambourakis)



The prizes have been the subject of a lot of controversy in recent years for not recognizing more diverse creators – especially female cartoonists. The prize committees are listed below, and it seems that they definitely have included a lot more woman judges. The Grand Jury is 50/50 – a nice step forward.


Stéphane Beaujean – Artistic Director – FIBD – 9th Art +
Xavier Guilbert – Journalist – du9.org
William Dumora – Bookseller – The Monte in the air
Valérie Mangin – Writer
Jean-Pierre Mercier – Scientific Advisor of the City
Thi Nguyen – Bookseller – In den heroes
Anne Claire norot – Programming – FIBD – 9eArt +

Stéphane Beaujean – Artistic Director – FIBD – 9eArt +
Marc Boutavant – Author
Romain Gallissot – Columnist – BoDoï
Thi Nguyen – Bookseller – In den heroes
Vo Nguyen Song – Bookseller – Bookseller Millepages Youth Comics
Juliette Salin – Journalist – The World of Teens
Ezilda Tribot – Responsible Youth – FIBD – 9eArt +


Dominique Goblet – President / author
Penelope Bagieu – author
Jerome Briot – Bookseller Planet Drawing
Pauline Croquet – Journalist World
Édouard Fouré Caul-Futy – Artistic Director of the Orchester de Paris
Charlotte Le Bon – Actress and illustrator
Augustin Trapenard – Journalist France Inter / Canal +

Sadly, I won’t be going to the Angoulême festival this year – but we’d love to get a correspondent to cover all the action.



  1. I read Drnaso’s Sabrina very recently and really liked it. Just had everything I like most in a novel in it, or the type of storytelling in a thoughtful and understated movie. With that way of how to tell a story, I really can see why it was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Its actual topic of the violent death is actually very important but I feel it’s almost incidental, and how the story is told is what’s so fine. But that informs on the topic, and makes it essential… Really well done.

    I look forward to more reporting on this French/Euro festival award with hopefully some new books to look out for.

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