Starting in September, you will be able to purchase DKNY jackets, hoodies and tees emblazoned with the art of Paul Pope in the 2089 line. We sincerely hope that these will be in sizes that people larger than Paul Pope can wear.

DKNY Jeans announces today a new collection co-designed by famed graphic novelist Paul Pope called 2089. The line fuses the world of comics and fashion by creating a cohesive narrative which emerges through prints and graphics on clothing to create a truly unique application of this art form.

The scene is New York City, circa 2089, 100 years from the date of DKNY’s creation. The story, like much of Pope’s influential work, sets a futuristic love story against the collision of nature and industry. The prints are updated camouflage, and the graphics on tees, jackets and hoodies melds sci-fi with the prehistoric.

DKNY Jeans president Kevin Monogue says, “Working with an exciting artist like Paul on something so unique to the market keeps DKNY Jeans connected to our consumer’s interests and also allows us to offer him innovative products and ideas. Identifying two mediums that have similar aesthetics and developing ways to meld them is part of the DNA of the DKNY Jeans brand. We are really excited about 2089.”

Paul Pope is equally enthused, “I see this line as a way of stealing Pop back from Warhol. We’ve seen comics endlessly pillaged in the high art world and adapted to film, for better or worse. We’ve seen comics images quoted in fashion and copied in street art. Comics has a cultural currency all its own. But this is maybe the first time an actual cartoonist has been given the chance to launch his own brand, to build it from concept on up, to do it within the bounds of an established label such as DKNY Jeans. “

The 15 piece collection is comprised of jackets, hoodies, pants and tee shirts, which tell different segments of the story. The graphics on the pieces vary from all over prints to one statement piece, to a new take on camouflage. The line retails from $32 for tees, to $145 for a military jacket. They will be sold in Department stores across the country beginning September 2008.


  1. Do they make mylar envelopes for jeans? Does wear and tear add to the value of the jeans, or detract? Since some sizes are more common than others, will they be worth less? For those of us who cannot easily buy the clothes or afford the single issues, will there be a Barbie collection issued later? And most important of all, will this improve the public’s perception of “graphic fashion”, and will it raise the value of my nearmint (worn once) collection of Underoos?

  2. DKNY is not really known for making clothes to fit ‘regular’ sized people, but since Karan stopped being the main leader of her company, I’d bet it’s even moreso designed for the skinny’s of the world.