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We’ve been mostly on the road or hanging out with visitors for the last 10 days or so, and while more than a week of living on chicken fingers and Guinness has left our innards in ribbons, at least we have a few photos to show for it. So before we move on to the “Stay at Home Season”, here’s a photo parade of the Baltimore Comic-Con, the Diamond Retailer Summit and the Big Apple Con. And we start it out with DC’s hand model, the Lord of the Rings himself, Stuart Schreck, whose modeling of the Lantern ring promotion has made him one of the most in-demand people in comics.

Img 7529

A typo and a Surrogates Logo make for an alluring combination. BTW, we totally told Top Shelf’s Chris Staros he needs to start a Top Self imprint.

Img 7530
Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer author Van Jensen poses with the amazing puppet he’s touring with — fully jointed!

Img 7531
The Zuda crew after HIGH MOON’s Harvey win. R-L: Kwanza Johnson, Valerie D’Orazio, David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Ron Perazza and in front Bobby Timony.

Img 7533
This is the kind of bleak landscape we had to negotiate in Baltimore just walking from the hotel to the convention center.

Img 7535
Just steps from the inner harbor. Really tragic and disturbing.

Img 7536
Lora Innes, left, creator of the webcomic THE DREAMER, and her booth model.

Img 7537
These guys were having fun.

Img 7538
We’ve always felt strongly that it was the Spectre’s pasty white legs that were the most disturbing thing about him, and this guy’s costume backed us up in that belief.

Img 7540
Stan Sakai and Carla Speed McNeil, pamphlet warriors.

Img 7541
IMPULSE! Perhaps THE most incredible child costume we have ever seen. Hopefully someone has passed a pic of it on to Humberto Ramos.

Img 7545Tony Harris was modeling a sharp new T-shirt slogan.


Img 7552
Part of the Captain Action display at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.

Img 7558
This was during the dinner presentation. BOOM! Studio’s Ross Richie started a campaign to get Diamond to raise BOOM!’s discount to retailers — something he says he’s been asked about repeatedly. The Bill is Bill Schanes, VP of purchasing, and the actual meaning of the slogan is too complicated to go into. The next morning Schanes quipped that they had realized BOOM!’s discount needed adjusting and changed it to 40 percent. Okay, if you are a retailer or publisher, that joke was very funny. We’ll explain it in a later post. Anyway, it was a ballsy move on Richie’s part, and Diamond took it with public equanimity.

Img 7567
A slide for the year-long “Marvel Women” promotion.

Img 7570
Lady Deadpool?

Img 7573
The Deadpool Corps.

Img 7583
Back in daylight, Jeff Smith made a surprise appearance, and Terry Moore was there.

Img 7584
On the left, Mark Frangos; on the right, Fred Pierce, two of the folks behind the newly re-launched Valiant Comics. In the middle — their Diamond rep, whose name we have forgotten. More details on the venture soon.

Img 7585
Ya know, Scholastic has amassed a pretty respectable line of graphic novels for the younger set. We spoke with the salesperson for a while, and she said it was the first time that Scholastic had exhibited at a Diamond Summit, but she felt it was a valuable experience, as she was finding that a lot of retailers were NOT aware of the line beyond BONE.

And now, moving on….


Img 7603
Yes, it is true. There were FREE tampons in the ladies’ room. BEST CON EVER?

Img 7604-1
YES it is true, Wax Steven Spielberg was listed as a GUEST at the show and no one knew why. But he did wear pleat front khakis.

Img 7605
There were several open spaces like this art show.

Img 7606
The littlest Batgirl!

Img 7607
Dan Nakrosis wore a Dolphins jersey…and wondered why sales were down.

Img 7608
A historic moment as writer Danny Fingeroth and artist Nelson meet for the 361st time. N thinks it is a good thing, but artist John Cebollero has a foreboding that great forces have been unleashed that may change the world…forever.
Img 7609
The press room was not very busy.

Img 7610
Monty Python’s 7th member, Carol Cleveland, was always busy, and why not?

Img 7615
To get to the panel room, you had to go up this narrow, creepy escalator that wasn’t working. Fail.

Img 7616
Those who didn’t make it.

Img 7618
Even blue people need to preregister.

Img 7619
Jim Lee’s panel on Saturday.


  1. YES! A “Year in Pictures”! Heidi can solicit photos just like the Halloween art, paste it up, and have it run on 12/31 while she’s on holiday!

    The same week, she can post a Top Ten review of the Year’s posts here, with perhaps some annual circulation analysis from the Hecate.

    Hey, if Diamond can have a skip week, why not the Beatrix?

  2. That Impulse costume truly is awesome.

    And here’s an idea of something you can do with those Blackest Night rings — use them to make imprints in cookies!

  3. that’s kevin conn as Wild Bill from GI Joe (along w/ Snake Eyes). you may remember conn as “Unemployed Skeletor”. his new character, Lava Roid, debuted the comic book of the same name written by Conn/Stephen Lindsay w/ art by the amazing Leeanne Hannah.

    heard there was some controversy about the costume contest at baltimore. the kid in the incredible home made impulse costume lost to another kid in at STORE BOUGHT snake eyes costume. where’s the justice?! or the YOUNG JUSTICE?! :)

  4. aside from a few awesome pics, like the full lantern rings!! and free tampons!!! Spread the word, lol!!!! :D

    quite sad looking con! O.o

  5. Hi guys ands gals. I made the impulse suite for my son Caleb who loves the book. Jimmy Aquino is absolutely correct about the contest. Afterwards Geoarge Perez told us he was shocked Caleb lost his category and that he gave him a 10, so that was really nice of him….

    Thanks for the nice comments and another pic for our scrapbook.