WOW. The amount of press this movie is getting is kind of…overwhelming. Here are a few that aren’t interviews with the cast:

§ USA Today looks at the box office ramifications for Hollywood.

§ Obligatory Alan Moore link: Salon looks at his take on Swamp Thing

Nine pages in, Issue 20 also features an internal soliloquy by Alec Holland, aka the Swamp Thing, addressing his recently dead archenemy in a lyrical, regretful mode that may have puzzled some 1984 readers but rapidly became identified as a hallmark of Moore’s style: “It’s a… new world, Arcane. It’s full of… shopping malls and striplights and software. The dark corners are being pushed back… a little more every day. We’re things of the shadow, you and I… and there isn’t as much shadow… as there used to be. Perhaps there was once a world… we could have belonged to… Maybe somewhere in Europe… back in the fifteenth century, the world was… full of shadows then… full of monsters… Not any more.” (Those idiosyncratic ellipses are in the original.)

§ And an off the beaten path link: Nick Keppler writes a history of Charlton and the characters which formed the basis for the Watchmen:

The two founders of Charlton Comics met in a New Haven County jail cell 1934.

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  1. Heidi:
    The Fairfield Weekly link stands among the very best comic-related research pieces out there. A lot of Watchmen GN fans should check it out.
    Also, the “two founders” excerpt? MAJOR props to you for that one.