On Saturday at NYCC, DC made a surprise announcement during its “House of Horrors” panel that G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles will be taking over The Dreaming. Wilson, who’s currently coming to a close on her Wonder Woman run, arrived towards the end of the panel to reveal the news herself. And a later tweet didn’t hurt, either


As far as The Dreaming details go, Wilson wasn’t able to give up too much – but she was able to announce one special character’s return to the series. William Shakespeare himself, who’s prominent in Neil Gaiman’s first run with the Sandman series, was confirmed as a cast member.

Wilson and Robles will be the official The Dreaming creative team beginning with issue #19, which is scheduled to hit shelves in March 2020. Aside from her run with Diana, Wilson is also writing her creator owned comic The Invisible Kingdom while Robles is known for his work on Euthanauts and Doctor Mirage. They’ll be taking over for the current The Dreaming team consisting of Si Spurrier, Bilquis Evely, Matt Lopes and Simon Bowland.

For more of the latest breaking news from NYCC 2019, stay tuned here at The Beat. If you haven’t heard already, this panel also saw the announcement of Stuart Immonen as an artist on the Joe Hill comic, Plunge.

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