MoCCA Director Karl Erickson wrote to tell of their panel and signings:

Sunday, Feb. 8, 1:30pm at NYCC
Comics and the Language of Visual Symbolism
Comics are able to communicate dense layers of narrative, emotion, and action in a manner that no other media is able. This panel will explore the way the cartoonists use pictures to tell their stories in a way that is unique to comics.
Panelists Ryan Dunlavey, Paul Karasik, Danica Novgorodoff, and Alex Robinson, moderated by MoCCA Director Karl Erickson

3:30: Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente
6: Khoi Pham and Dan Slott

12pm Fred Van Lente
3pm Rick Parker
4pm Ryan Dunlavey and David Lloyd
5pm Leonard Kirk and Jeff Parker

11am: Dennis Calero
12pm Reilly Brown
1pm Frank Cammuso, Josh Elder, and Jim Gownley
4pm Dave Roman