Fresh press release! Crisp and tender. IDW have announced that writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery will return to their acclaimed Kill Shakespeare series with a new five-issue miniseries debuting in February. Andy Belanger will return as artist on the miniseries, which follows up from the previous two books in the series.

I know everybody will hate me for explaining the premise of the story this way, so apologies in advance, everybody – the premise of the series is a little like the premise of Fables, in that the book focuses on the journey of a collection of Shakespeare characters as they quest through the real world on a mission to track down their creator. As such, the main characters include Hamlet, Othello, Juliet and several other well-known characters. This mini will bring them into conflict with Prospero (from The Tempest, fact-fans! Although sadly this version doesn’t appear to be Helen Mirren) as they voyage across the high seas.

— And as a final side-note, Kill Shakespeare will be doing a live reading of the theatrical version of the show tomorrow, at NYCC! Hopefully somebody will exeunt, followed by a bear.