By Todd Allen

The comment section has been clamoring for new about what the revived Valiant is planning on doing with Quantum and Woody.  If you haven’t experienced Q&W, it was a comic that ran at the second incarnation of Valiant from ’97-’00 with a a one year gap in the middle.  It was a buddy dramedy featuring mismatched partners who had to make physical contact every 24 hours or their powers would consume them.  And they had a goat.  A goat with a mask and a cape.  (No, this title didn’t always take itself seriously.) Quantum & Woody was written by Christopher Priest (sometimes credited as just “Priest”) and drawn by Mark D. Bright.

Valiant has been kicking around what to do with Q&W for some time now.  They’ve settled on starting out with a digital re-release.  Quantum & Woody #1 will hit Comixology on 10/24 and #2 will drop on 10/31.  Issue #1 will be free.

This gives me the impression that Valiant wants to take the temperature of the demand for the property.  It’s a cult title that hasn’t been published in 12 years.  It also might be a little weird to integrate into the universe they’re building.  It absolutely has a different tone and I imagine most of the people who fondly remember it would have a hard time picturing it without Priest and Bright.

So if you haven’t checked out Quantum & Woody yet, can do so for free in 3 weeks.  It’s highly recommended.

Valiant will formally be announcing this at NYCC, so feel free to ask them what the next step for Q&W is while you’re at the show.  They’re aware people are curious.

Updated: Valiant will be releasing the entirety of Quantum and Woody in two halves.  The first half is 10/24, the second on 10/31.  The first issue will still be free.


  1. …oh, you tease. Bit of a misleading headline there, iddnit?

    Still, I’m tempted to buy it for a third time just to show my support.

    @KentL: It’s creator-owned so if there IS a new series Priest and Bright have to sign off on it at the very least — but I find it unlikely they’d do a new book without them.

    Also, Priest had one of his periodi flurries of blog activity immediately followed by sudden silence last fall, right around the time Valiant started picking back up. Obviously that’s pretty circumstantial but it sounds like they’re at least talking about it.

  2. Its been 12 years?!? Man does time fly…

    I bought this comic when it first came out and stuck w/it longer then I should have, it really wasn’t my cup of tea at the time.

    But if the first issue is free to read, I may give it another shot.

  3. Q&W is hands down one of my favorite comics ever. Even with Priest and Bright involved, I’d be wary of not being able to go home again, but I’d still give it a shot. I really, really hope they’re working on it again….

  4. Never read Quantum and Woody but was a fan of the original Valiant U and love the relaunch. I personally don’t think Valiant needs another comedy, but if the quality of the book is there then I’ll consider it. I really like the tone of the universe that has been set by X-O, Harbinger and Bloodshot, and personally, Archer and Armstrong is my least favorite book of the relaunch so far.

  5. Quantum & Woody was one of my favorite books from that period.

    Priest also wrote the best run of Black Panther ever done. It’s not easy to hit the right ballance of action and comedy, but he always mmanaged to get it. Without this kind of writing I’m afraid it will be just another book in an already crowded market.

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