Artist Joe Quinones tries his hardest to make friends and network at conventions, he really does, but for some reason everybody who comes into contact with him develops a murderous blood lust. Revealed today in a harrowing series of portraits on Quinones’ blog, a full display of cosplayer brutality has now come to light. And it is shocking.

The artist, who was most recently seen providing covers for books like Venom, Defenders and Adventure Time, also appears to have been brutally murdered at least once over the course of his time at NYCC – although thankfully he’s feeling much better now. Here’s some of the evidence of the cosplayer-on-Quinones ultra-violence which went on at NYCC while you were off getting sketches, chatting to your heroes, and naively believing that the world was a safe place for you.

You fools.

Thanks to Joe for letting me share his photos! And remember – always ask permission before you brutally assault Joe Quinones.


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