Ahead of its industry panel on Sunday morning at New York City Comic Con, publisher Yen Press teased its announcement slate with six titles posted to Twitter/X. In case you missed them, we’ve got a round-up below, with more details to come following tomorrow’s panel. At the time of writing, we only know titles and initial, short descriptions.

Read on to see just some of the upcoming titles from Yen Press.

Black Summoner (Manga)

The first teaser from Yen Press is for Black Summoner written by Doufu Mayoi and illustrated by Gin Ammo with character design by Kurogin (DIGS). In this upcoming manga series, “While being transmigrated to another world, Kelvin gave up his memories for powerful new abilities. Setting out on the ultimate adventure as the world’s strongest Summoner—he soon discovers his true calling as a battle junkie.”

The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life (Manga)

Next, Yen Press teased The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life, a new manga series written by Usata Nonohara and illustrated by Aya Obara with character design by ox. The series premise is essentially laid out in the title. Mariela, an alchemist, puts herself in a state of suspended animation to survive a horde of monsters threatning to destroy the kingdom of Endalsia. She awakens 200 years in the future and has to find her footing in a world that isn’t her own. Although she just wants to retire to a quiet life, she’s the only person in town who can make potions, which have become a luxury item…

Trinity Seven Revision (Manga)

Trinity Seven Revision, a new manga series written by Kenji Saito and illustrated by Youichi Nishio with character designs by Akinari Nao, explores the paranormal. The initial synopsis reads, “Mitsunari Miyazawa had aspirations of becoming a writer until a run-in with a demonic creature turns deadly. Now, Mitsunari has been reborn with the power of the Magus of Envy, fighting with the help of the living grimoire Lydia!”

Sword Art Online Progressive Canon of the Golden Rule (Manga)

Sword Online Progressive Canon of the Golden Rule written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Mugetsu with character designs by abec is a new manga title full of puzzles. The initial teaser reads, “Follow Asuna and Kirito to the sixth floor of Aincrad, where puzzles and brainteasers galore await! Will they burn out on a mental challenge or will the gang of player-killers catch up with them first?”

Adults’ Picture Book (Manga)

The final manga series teaser from Yen Press is Adults’ Picture Book by Kei Itoi, which seems to explore mature romance. The teaser reads, “Erotic manga author Kudou’s friend Haruki passes away, bequeathing his daughter to Kudou. When he meets a woman who reminds him of Haruki, he proposes on the spot! By blood, friendship, love, or circumstance, family is family…”

You Can’t See the Snow (Novel)

Last but not least, Yen Press teased You Can’t See the Snow by Rokudo Ningen, a novel that retells Sleeping Beauty. The description reads, “Natsuki and Yuki fall in love one summer night. But as autumn approaches, Yuki suddenly wishes him happiness and disappears. Due to an illness, she sleeps through winter. This version of Sleeping Beauty explores the miracle of love.”

Stay tuned for more details about these titles and others from Yen Press as we head into our last day on the con floor at NYCC 2023. You can also read our coverage of VIZ Media’s announcements and Kodansha’s announcements.