DC Comics announced John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead In America, a new Black Label Sandman Universe series from the creative team of writer Si Spurrier,artist Aaron Campbell,and colorist Jordie Bellaire.

The new series is slated to launch in January and run for eight issues. If that team sounds familiar, it’s because they are reuniting. It’s the same team from the much-loved John Constantine, Hellblazer series that started in late 2019 and ran for 13 (excellent) issues, wrapping up in 2021. Here’s the main cover by Campbell:

Dead In America

The new series will spin out of the events of the first book, with the publisher describing it as “a second act.” And as the Dead In America title implies, Constantine will be hopping across the pond to The States (coincidentally, Dead in America is how I feel today on the third day of New York Comic Con, but that’s neither here nor there). The first series was mostly set in London.

The comics in this new series will also be substantial, with each issue spanning 28 pages (no ads). With the book being part of the Sandman Universe, it’s going to also involve Dream of the Endless. Alec Holland Swamp Thing is also to make an appearance.

The new series was announced Saturday at the “Coming Up in the DC Multiverse” panel at New York Comic Con. Campbell and Spurrier were both on hand to make the big reveal.

“Did you really think he was gone for good?” Campbell asked. “He’s back.”

Talking of course about John Constantine. And that was met by a raucous round of applause from the packed panel room. The creative team also shared some details about connections to the original Sandman and Saga of the Swamp Thing. Constantine appears in the original Sandman, when Dream wants to get his pouch of sand back and turns out Constantine bought it off someone in San Diego.

In that book, Constantine says he was never able to open the pouch…well, this book explores that. Spurrier says it has always stuck in his head that John wasn’t able to open it. Why was that? Well, Spurrier says, it’s because “he’s a big bloody liar.”

This new book will establish that he did in fact open it, it created problems (obviously), and now, “Something unpleasant has slithered into the dreams of America.”

Finally, Campbell shared that he was taking a cue from “ol’ Steve Bissette” (who worked on The Saga of the Swamp Thing), who made a physical bust of Swamp Thing. And he’s making his own, which you can check out via Campbell’s Instagram.

You can find an official plot synopsis about the book from DC Comics below:

In John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead in America, John has cheated death once again—but his heart’s not beating, his body is decaying, and he, his friend Nat, and his son Noah are on the run in America, wanted for murder. Naturally, it’s all John’s fault—it always is. But as it turns out, Dream himself needs John’s help. Something terrible has taken root in America, and it’s using the sand from Dream’s pouch to impose its will. If John can put a stop to it, he might be able to parlay that favor into a chance to save all their lives—but he’s going to need help from someone he hasn’t spoken to in years. Someone he wasn’t always…all that kind to. Someone…or some…Thing?

The first issue is due out January 16. It features a main cover by Campbell, with variant covers by Jock, Sean Phillips, and Mattias Bergara.

You can check out the variants by Bergara and Jock, respectively, below:


Dead in America