In most cases, you’d want to avoid running into Michael Myers, even in a crowded location like New York Comic Con. But at NYCC ’22, to celebrate the upcoming release of Halloween Ends, finding Michael Myers can lead to winning some serious swag: a poster designed by Bob Gleason!

Today, Friday, and Saturday morning, both the @NewYorkComicCon and @HalloweenMovie Instagram accounts will post images of a pair of costume characters. If located and asked for a “Trick or Treat,” instructions will be issued for a Halloween Ends booth. Plus, the @HalloweenMovie has an additional Hide and Seek contest with Myers himself, which can land you a special numbered edition of the print!

The press release with all the details is included beneath this article for your perusal.

Will you be undertaking this spooktacular search and find, or streaming Halloween Ends when it’s available on Peacock beginning Friday, October 14th, 2022? Let The Beat know, here in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat!

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“Michael Myers at New York Comic-Con!

“Win a limited-edition New York Comic-Con HALLOWEEN ENDS poster designed by Bob Gleason, creator of the HALLOWEEN ‘78 poster.

“Today, Friday and Saturday morning, the @NewYorkComicCon and @HalloweenMovie Instagram accounts will be posting an image of two costume characters that will be roaming around the Javits Center all day. Find these characters, ask for a Trick or Treat, and follow their instructions to redeem the poster at the HALLOWEEN ENDS booth in the Inner Roadway from 11am to 7pm.

“Additionally, the @HalloweenMovie Instagram account will be hosting a special Hide and Seek contest throughout the day where if you find Michael Myers himself, you can win a special numbered edition of the print.  This is very limited and only for those who are brave enough to search him out.

“HALLOWEEN ENDS opens in theaters and streams only on Peacock on Friday, October 14th.”