Upon visiting the Javits website today, the first thing I saw was this:

When you click on “More Information”, you are directed to the main site, where you can volunteer, donate, and drop off supplies. Javits is one of four locations in New York City, and eleven statewide.

If you wish to donate supplies, please note:

Across the state, New Yorkers are encouraged to drop off goods for donation at the below listed drop-off locations. We are only accepting the following items for donation: batteries, flashlights, portable lanterns, diapers, baby wipes, cases of water and feminine hygiene products. All items must be unopened and in their original packaging. [Emphasis added.]

At Javits, drop off donations at the New York State Welcome Center. Look for the iconic “I❤NY” logo on the Third Floor, near the top of the grand staircase.

EXHIBITORS: When packing up your booths on Sunday, please donate any unused bottles of water!

ReedPOP has also announced a relief effort in partnership with Keanu Reeves and CINE.


New York Comic Con has joined with Keanu Reeves, Hollywood and Puerto Rico Filmmakers and CINE to support:

The Puerto Rico Film Friends Relief Fund

This Aid organization will rush urgently needed relief funds directly to those Puerto Ricans in need.  With Volunteers on the ground in Puerto Rico, we can quickly identify those in crisis; vet their applications to confirm financial need and get them relief funds in a matter of hours or days – not weeks or months.

Thank you for your donations and compassion!

The form is simple: select the amount you wish to donate, click the box, and a simple form requesting your email and credit card information pops up. It takes just a few minutes.