Calling it. Three-day passes and VIP tickets sold out in less than an hour. Four days still available?


New York Comic-Con tickets went on sale at noon EDT, and the server is having a hard time coping with demand, as a random sampling of tweets from a ten second window show.

Show runner Lance Fensterman is trying to help.

As is the general NYCC twitter:

FWIW, I hit the link and have been seeing a white screen (plus one 408 error) ever since.

My guess is that people are just going to have to hang in there and hope that they get through. No word as I write this if there are actual tickets still available, however.

Last year had a similar profile of woe. Tickets for the fall’s big East Coast show will be available two more ways: you can buy them on site at Special Edition: NYC in June, or at Midtown Comics, which will be the exclusive retail partner for ReedPOP.

In the meantime, hang in there and godspeed.

UPDATE: Apparently the second quoted tweet from the NY-Comic-Con account is in regards to this—tickets are already on sale at StubHub, with prices ranging from $296 to more than $1000.

In the past ReedPOP has tried to crack down on this, but I think they have more pressing matters on hand, so I wouldn’t buy one of those if I were you.


  1. It’s 1:03 EST. I’ve been trying for tickets since noon. Initially I got past the virtual ticketing page but once I arrived on the actual “buy” tickets page, the server dropped me. Since then I haven’t even been able to get back to the virtual ticketing page. AWFUL, AWFUL system. Why did ALL the tickets have to go on sale on the same day instead of staggering them like in previous years? NYCC’s servers are obviously ill-equipped to deal with the situation.

  2. Been in queue since 12 on the dot (now 1:39) trying to get two tickets of any kind. Have gotten one of the following messages 32 times now between laptop and desktop. Still no tickets.

    “Error 408 request time out. Your browser didn’t send a complete request on time.”

    “No data received ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.”

  3. We’ve been trying to buy tickets since before noon!!! Sever crashed….. Still waiting?! Nice of NYCC to make it so hard for people to get tickets….

  4. I tried right at 12:00 PM. I was on queue for like 10 min, the page started to load and after a few more minutes it got to an error. I had no choice but to refresh. This happened over and over again until 1 PM. I finally got through. I thought I could get that Ultimate VIP like the last 2 years. All VIP were sold out as well as 3 day passes. So I got the max 4 day passes I could for me and my friends. I’m seriously considering skipping it this year. Maybe I’ll unload my one ticket on eBay after that gets sold out too.

  5. Trying since 12 on the dot, actually got as far as to get my card info in there and when I click “complete order” I keep getting http11 400 bad request invalid delivery type. All I want is 2 Thursday tickets, what a crock.

  6. Just got through the system.

    3 day sold out. VIP sold out.

    4 day still there. Everything else still there.

    Good luck you guys. Refresh is your friend. I got dropped probably 20 times but was able to refresh my way back, even after being dropped on the credit card page.

    Hopefully see you all in NY!

  7. just got my tickets for Saturday! I was on queue since 12:20pm. I wish I screenshotted available tickets.. the site is very slow, Chrome even asked me if I should kill the browser tab, but if you let it do its thing, it eventually works.

  8. Two hours, just got in! 2:10 PM
    Reserve Tickets
    Sold Out Ultimate Access + $525.00
    Sold Out Special Access + $215.00
    Sold Out 4-Day Ticket + $105.00
    Sold Out 3-Day Ticket $75.00

    Single Day, Kids, Super Week are still available.

  9. 4 day passes are sold out as well. Single day passes are available, but Saturdays are gone. I don’t recall it being this bad last year.

  10. Easy answer:

    1-don’t buy one single ticket from the slicksters who gamed the system and intend to gouge everyone with high prices…. Leave them holding the bag.
    2- Somebody organize a free parade of super heroes that’s as big outside as what’s going on inside

  11. I was keeping my eye on the time for weeks now.. I HAD TO get any of the tickets.. I was late for an hour or two and guess what?! EVERY FUCKIN TICKET IS SOLD OUT!!!! EVEN THE VIP ONES THE SINGLE DAY ONES!! I’m so frustrated right now! I thought i finally had a chance to meet my fav artist Kishimoto sensei.. But NOO ><

  12. Jay is correct. I was reading recently how scalpers invested big bucks on tickets for the recent high-profile Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.. and were left sweating when no one could afford their inflated prices and left them holding on. I know it’s frustrating when you want so desperately to be a part of NYCC, but do not support these people and their predatory mindset. I am working on a solution to prohibit this and when I work out the kinks I intend to present it to ReedPop. In the meantime, follow the other advice: go to Special Edition, try the comic shop. Don’t panic, don’t collapse.

  13. It was my original intention, some months back, to get Thursday and Friday tickets for comic con this year, as soon as they went on sale on line back in April I believe it was. Now, I don’t have a credit card to use at my disposal (those things are EVIL, lol) SO, I was stuck waiting to borrow someone else’s. Unfortunately, in the waiting process, the “online” tickets for Friday, seemed to have sold out in record time, by the time I was ready to use someone’s credit card. So, as for now, I’m gonna be going only on Thursday like last year again, which is really cool still. HOWEVER, there is a very slight chance I can get a Friday ticket, when the Midtown comic book stores, here in NYC start to physically sell them next month. There were crazy long lines at EVERY Midtwon comics last year, it’ll be more of the same this year, in order to get more desired tickets on certain days. Fridays are one of the hot days to go. Thursadys, are surprisingly pretty good days to go to, I was rather shocked at the 2014 opening day on Thursday, it was a MAJOR turn out. But still, Thursday tickets usually get bought up last. Man I hope I can get a Friday ticket, to add to my Thursday ticket. The Comic Con experience definitely superceeds just one mere day!

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