By Deanna Destito 

In an effort to help the family of one of their own, Zenescope is raising funds for cystic fibrosis this year at NYCC. The genetic disease affects the lungs, pancreas, and other critical organs in the body. Over time those with the illness are susceptible to repeated infections and breathing trouble that can also lead to respiratory failure. When the pancreas is affected, the body has trouble breaking down food and absorbing nutrients.  

The comic company is selling two prints at the show, and proceeds from the sales will go toward the CF Stair Climb on October 14, in which the staff and some of their creators will be participating. The event entails climbing stairs in any large area such as a building or stadium, providing a physical challenge to participants while raising funds for more research to help those with the disease. 

To learn more about the climb event, visit their website here. 

To purchase a print and support Zenescope’s group, stop by their booth on the show floor.