By Amanda Steele

This Week in Marvel hosted a live podcast on Friday morning, hosted by Ryan Penagos and Jamie Frevele. Their guests this week were Sara Benincasa, comedian and author, Mike Drucker, writer, and Jesse Falcon, Director of Product Development for Marvel toys. 


The biggest news to come out of the panel was that Wolverine: The Long Night, Marvel’s first scripted podcast, is going to be turned into a comic featuring art by Marcio Takara. 

The podcast went into the origin stories of the panellists and how they got started loving Marvel. Most notably, Jesse Falcon talked about his childhood experience meeting Spider-Man at the mall and how he insisted his mom dress him up in his best church clothes to meet his hero. 

The panellists also went into detail about similarities between writing jokes for comedy and writing comics as timing in both mediums is so important. Mike Drucker talked about the collaborative nature of the medium and how great it is to “work with others who often have better ideas than you do.” 

One highlight of the panel was when the showed a clip from an old Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! episode where Jesse Falcon voiced Captain America. 

In the comedic show, Cap laments losing Bucky, but Bucky shows up saying basically “Dude, I’m right here.” 

The audience loved this bit and it got a lot of laughs and reaction.  

The guests were also asked which Marvel character they would like to write, and Sara, who made a lot of amazing jokes throughout the panel, said she would write a dark character made specifically for, “very troubled girls who dropped out of bard.” 

Another highlight of the panel was Jesse Falcon talking about the success of the Marvel Legends action figure series. He also noted that more and more toys related to the Marvel video games will be coming out soon so fans can look forward to that…


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