The end is nigh at New York Comic Con 2018 and fans who want to know their fate can learn where they’re headed at the Good Omens pop-up experience. On Thursday, series co-creator Neil Gaiman made a surprise appearance, slipping through purgatory with fans and meeting death in Hell. 

Although Gaiman isn’t a permanent fixture of the pop-up (sorry, everyone), the walkthrough itself is worth the line. Against a backdrop of A.Z. Fell and Co. bookstore and other retail fixtures from the Good Omens universe, a bulletin board boasts signs for a missing flame sword and psychic readings. The Tatfield pet shop has flyers for perfect hellhound gifts and a psychic with no location or contact info offers your first session for free. 

Once it’s your turn to enter Purgatory, you do so via an elevator that hosts three doors. The first is the entrance from NYCC to Purgatory itself. The second ostensibly takes you up, to Heaven. The third, which is where this reporter went and where Gaiman went during his surprise appearance at the con, takes you to Hell. 

NVE The Experience Agency and Blake Jones

Once you’ve reached your destination, you can snap photos to commemorate your death and your destiny. NYCC workers are also giving out branded goodies for those brave enough to take the risk of going down in the elevator instead of up. 

Ahead of the 2019 premiere of Good Omens exclusively on Amazon Prime, the NYCC pop-up is a fun experience, especially for fans of the book. You can find the pop-up on the main show floor just behind the security check at the Javits Center.