by Amanda Steele


While the fate of American Gods is still in the hands of the new gods of the creative team at Starz, fans can enjoy the American Gods pop-up at New York Comic Con. 

The pop-up is easy to find on the inner roadway of level 2. It’s also located next to the Starz pop-up for Outlander. Now, the Outlander portion is clearly more popular but that also means the line is longer. If you’re a fan of the show, or just want a free t-shirt, the American Gods pop-up is a good place to stop. 

This pop-up is set to look like the Motel American Diner. And, it honestly looks a lot like a diner. Many people walking by were genuinely confused. The menu made me hungry, and I did sort of wish I could order a burger and stick around for a while.  

You will be asked to download the Starz app, but all you have to do is show the staff that the app is starting to download. They will then take your picture. You can pick if you want an old gods background or a new gods background. The pictures actually looked pretty good.  

After that, you’re ushered over to the bar area of the “diner” where you can pick a free t-shirt. The shirt features a buffalo design and says “Motel America New York Comic Con” on the front with “Starz American Gods” on the back. It’s actually a decent design, and, even if you’re not a fan of the book or television series, is the type of shirt you could wear to a BBQ or to sleep in. It’s almost identical to a shirt that Shadow, played by Ricky Whittle, wears in season 1 of the show, so that is a cool connection. You can also pick a free pin that features one of the characters from the show.

Since Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have left the show taking actresses like Gillian Anderson with them, fans have been wondering if the second season will be any good or not. While that remains to be seen, you can still enjoy this fun little pop-up that doesn’t have too long of a line. There’s nothing too extraordinary happening here, but it was a good experience all around.