Written by Brandon Pascall 

CB Cebulski starts the panel by introducing Jason Aaron (Avengers), Donny Cates (Cosmic Ghost Rider), Gerry Duggan(Infinity Wars), Dan Slott (Fantastic Four), Jim Zub (Champions), Sarah Brunstad (Editor for Captain Marvel), and Tom Brevoort (Marvel’s Executive Editor).

Avengers #700 is the new special event. Jason Aaron says that everything they have been building towards is paid off in this arc. He teased the next new Avenger that will be revealed in this book. David Finch will be returning to do cover art.

Thor was next on the list, and art of issue #6 was shown as well as new covers by Mike Del Mundo. Issue #8 will feature Angela, Thor’s sister. 

Dan Slott talked Iron Man, and issue #5 will feature a solo story on Arno Stark, leading up to the next Iron Man event. He compared the book to Black Mirror. He then jumped to Fantastic Four where he talked about issue #3, where all of the four original members are reunited along with all the past members of the Fantastic Four.   

Issue #5 will have Ben and Alicia getting married and that they will get married, no bait and switch, this is the real deal. Adam Hughes will draw this issue.  

Issue #6 will start the #Herald Of Doom” arc. He joked about writing Superior Doom and said no one is more superior than Doom.  

Donny Cates was next with Cosmic Ghost Rider. He explained the long history of the character and showed some interior art for issue #5, then switched gear to Venom to show off the cover for issue #7. He said that after the death of Knull the symbiote god, Venom is not doing okay. He is introducing the new status quo for Venom and teases that he will be touching on every corner of Venom’s history in his run on the series.  

Gerry Duggan was next where he talked Infinity Wars interior art by Mike Deodato and Frank Martin, saying that the fate of the normal world and the infinity warps lies with the infinity stones.   

A new series called The Best Defense of The Defenders was announced with the original Defenders cast of characters, Al Ewing will do issue #1 and Joe Bennett will do the art. There will be five issues that will be written and drawn by different creators.  

We switch back to Jason Aaron to talk Conan the Barbarian. Issue #1’s cover and interior art was shown and will be drawn by Mahmud Asrar. He wants this to pay homage to the originals but take Conan to a new level. The first story will be called “Life and Death of Conan“. 

The Savage Sword of Conan was then announced that will be written by Gerry Duggan with art by Ron Garney and Richard Isanove with covers by Alex Ross. Conan is on the hunt for treasure and will find something he does expect. In the back of each issue will have short novellas that will take place between the original books.  

Avengers No Road Home was then announced. This is the sequel to Avengers No Surrender, and once more Al Ewing, Mark Waid and Jim Zub will script with art by Paco Medina and Sean Isaacs. Jim wants this to be the biggest and craziest Avengers story. The covers were shown and Tom Brevoort teased that the new story in this will have a huge bomb dropped in the middle of the series.  

Captain Marvel will be relaunched with Kelly Thompson will script and Carmen Carnero who recently signed as a Marvel exclusive artist. She had flown in from Spain to talk announce how excited she was for this book. Sarah Brunstad talked about the upcoming series, and said that Carol’s goal is to rejoin the Avengers. 

We switched back to Jim Zub with a relaunch of Champions to include a legion of teen super heroes (I see what you’re doing there – Ed.) in comic history. This book will be bold and new, and he is teaming with Steven Cummings from his Image series Wayward to do this series. 

Donny Cates is taking over Guardians of the Galaxy with art by Geoff Shaw. This team will include a new set of Guardians… and one of those characters is Cosmic Ghost Rider.  


Next year is the 80th anniversary of Marvel, it will have year long events and will include a new set of genre books like- 

Crypt of Shadows which will be written by Al Ewing and drawn by Garry Brown and more. 

Journey into Unknown Worlds is also returning with Cullen Bunn, Clay McLeod Chapman and more. 

War is Hell with Howard Chaykin and Phillip Kennedy Johnson. 

It is also the 25th anniversary of Marvels the series by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. Apparently Busiek and Ross will be coming back in all sort of Marvel comics that have yet to be announced.   

The post credit scene with a new event called War Of The Realms with Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson. This is be a Thor lead event and Jason has been working on this series since his original run.