Written by Brandon Pascall 

Everyone has a Star Wars story.

The new mini-documentary series titled “Our Star Wars Stories” sets out to explore the Star Wars stories of others and show the power of the Star Wars fandom.

Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm Story Group explained that this show will be five episodes long and cover five Star Wars fans journey into the fandom and how they have worked Star Wars into their lives. Four fans were on the panel with him, in the form of Albin Johnson, Christina Cato, Robin Brocra, and FJ DeRobertis. 

Matt stated that the process of choosing these five candidates was extremely difficult. They reviewed hundreds of fans around the world in order to find the right five. 

The entire show was shot in one week in August. As they went and shot each episode the crew was blasted with nostalgia as they worked their way through collections of vintage collectable items.  

The cast all discussed how they were similarly prepared for the crew’s arrival. 

Being on the show, they discovered that Star Wars brought a bond between their families and the friends they’ve made. As soon at they learn that somebody also enjoys Star Wars they had a kinship, a common ground as lovers of the Star Wars universe.  This show isn’t about Star Wars, it’s about people and heart, something deeper. Their passion and personal travels through life using the guidance of Star Wars.  

Matt also addressed how the fandom itself is currently divided, the Lucasfilm Story Group wants this mini- documentary to showcase the positive side of the fandom and show how Star Wars has helped people tackle the real world and its day-to-day problems and helps people escape to a galaxy far far away. 


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