The sequel to the Death of Superman animated feature and an adaptation of the quintessential 90’s comic storyline, Reign of the Supermen  completes the heroic package with its examination of a world first without Superman through the four iconic replacements who attempt to take up the mantle—Superboy, Steel, Cyborg Superman, and the Eradicator.

Fans attending NYCC got an early first look at a panel with executive producer James Tucker, producer/director Sam Liu, screenwriters Jim Krieg & Tim Sheridan, character designer Phil Bourassa, and actors Patrick Fabian (Better Call Saul), voice of Hank Henshaw, Toks Olagundoye (Castle), voice of Cat Grant, Nyambi Nyambi (The Good Fight, Mike & Molly), voice of Martian Manhunter.

Join the Beat and follow along live!

Moderate Gary Miereanu has taken the stage and introducing the panelists!

Clip of first few minutes shown featuring Cat Grant interviewing G Gordon Godfrey who I believe is voiced by Trevor Devall. Also featured Superboy rescuing a couple in an alley and Steel stopping a bus from running over Jimmy Olson.

Tucker says extra real estate with a sequel allowed them to do the four replacement Supermen that fans have requested. Says they each reflect core aspect of Superman.

Editor of the original Reign of the Supermen story helped guide the story says Krieg.

“No mullets will be seen in this movie. It’s a mullet free zone” says Tucker.

[Audience boos]

“We’ve lost them!” -Krieg

Designing Cyborg Superman posed an interesting challenge for Bourassa, incorporating horror and humanity into the character.

Director Sam Liu was happy when he first saw Bourassa’s Cyborg Superman design. Likens it to a Frankenstein monster that has a subtle sensitivity.

Tucker says that Steel is a sentimental choice as a Shaq fan.

Another clip shown featuring Eradicator confronting and attacking Lex Luthor.

Nyambi has seen the film and calls voicing Martian Manhunter a dream come true.

Olagundoye calls the voice acting process thrilling. Fabian who never gets to play roles like this in live action relishes voicing Cyborg Superman. Voice director Wes Gleason had to tell inexperienced voice actor Fabian not to hurt his voice in “efforting” voice sessions.

Third clip shown of Cyborg Superman trying to convince Lois Lane he’s the real Superman.

“Buckle up, this one’s a roller coaster,” Tim Sheridan.

Krieg loved writing for Rebecca Romijn as Lois. “She’s an ass-kicker.”

Favorite part of character?

Olagundoye- being a sassy broad

Nyambi- deadpan character. Carl Lumbly’s voice work in Justice League cartoon influenced his portrayal.

Nyambi is an unambashed comic fan. This is his 8th time attending NYCC and first time on a panel. When Miereanu asked him to come to NYCC he already bought his pass!

Last clip of Superboy as Lex Corps security joining the Justice League as presidential bodyguards much to their chagrin. Notice a shoutout to animation producer Alan Burnett with mention of Burnett Boulevard.


-How to help DC movie universe? [Gets thunderous applause]

“Telll those guys to hire animation writers,” says Sheridan

-No spoilers whether or not Coast City gets destroyed.

-What was the writing process of putting Lois and Superman together and ending Wonder Woman relationship?

It happened off-screen like any other normal breakup.

-More questions on mullet.

No mullets, but doesn’t mean Superman won’t have long hair teased Tucker.

Krieg inspired now to pitch Super Mullet story!

-Batman and Catwoman romance in future movies?

BATMAN: HUSH animated movie is coming so there’s your answer, says Tucker.

-Favorite Superman from multiverse?

Miereanu- Superboy

Liu- Christopher Reeves

Bourassa- Christopher Reece and Superman: TAS

Krieg- Ultraman

Sheridan- Earth 2 Superman

Nyambi- Young Justice Superboy

Fabian praised voice director Wes Gleason.