Funko Funatics better get their wallets ready. NYCC arrives in only 2 weeks and with it another wave of Funko convention exclusives. The process for obtaining these popular tchotchkes still entails a lottery system which is open from now until September 24.  Can’t make NYCC this year? Never fear! Funko has you covered by sharing the exclusives online with various participating retailers during NYCC. But you better get online ASAP because they’re sure to go fast. That or pay the exorbitant price markup on eBay.

Today, Funko revealed its DC related figures as well as Notorious B.I.G. for the music fans. It’s good to be the king. With the Aquaman film arriving in December, it’s not surprising Funko has a NYCC exclusive tie-in. I can’t help but find it somewhat ironic that the week after Henry Cavill is out as Superman, Funko has Justice League merch with Cavill’s Superman. Check them out below-

Pop! Heroes: Aquaman – Arthur Curry (Hot Topic)


Pop! Heroes: DC – 1st appearance Wonder Woman (Hot Topic)


Pop! Heroes: DC – The Flash & Superman (Racing) (GameStop/EB Games)


Pop! Movies: DC – Superman (Chrome 3-pack) (FYE)


5 Star: DC – Batman (Golden Midas) (GameStop/EB Games)


5 Star: DC – Harley Quinn (Pink) (Hot Topic)


Pop! Rocks: Notorious B.I.G. (Toy Tokyo) (LE)



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