By Samantha Puc

A few hundred Daredevil fans were treated to an epic introduction to an iconic character at the Hulu Theater on Saturday. Long-swirling rumors that newcomer Wilson Bethel will play out the origin story for Bullseye were confirmed by the actor himself and a new teaser trailer focused exclusively on the villain.

After confirming the character, show star Charlie Cox stood from his seat and drew a bullseye on Bethel’s forehead.

The end of the panel also featured an exclusive clip of Bullseye in action. When Daredevil season three hits Netflix on Oct. 19, fans can look forward to a ton of intense action and serious drama.


  1. Really tired of the Kingpin/Bullseye/Elektra/Hand merry-go-round, in comics and TV (and the 2003 movie).

    Instead of rehashing early-’80s Frank Miller, why not adapt late-’80s Ann Nocenti and use Typhoid Mary?

  2. Well, this trailer indicates there’s a fake Daredevil, and if it turns out to be Bullseye (as I suspect), this is based on a Nocenti storyline from circa ’91.

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