New York Comic Con is once again home to a slew of exhibitor exclusives. Don’t have time to wade through every exhibitor exclusive listing? Here are our picks for the best of the bunch.

Alex Ross Lithographs

Painter Alex Ross has a series of exclusive high quality  lithographs available at NYCC. Each measures in at 10″ by 15 1/2″, and comes in an unsigned version in editions of 175 and a signed version of 25. Unsigned $50/Signed $195. Available at The Art of Alex Ross booth, # 2328. Your choices are:

Batman: Miracle on Crime Alley (Batman #679 Cover)
Captain America #34 Cover
Doctor Strange #2 Cover
Stranger Things NYCC Exclusive Print
Illustrator Brian Kong channelled the classic covers of EC Comics when he laid out this illustration of Stranger Thing’s Eleven calling out for “Papa!” Available at Brian Kong’s table in Artist Alley, P2B.
DC Foil Cover Variants
DC has a series of foil cover variants available at the Graphitti Designs Booth (#1744). Each runs $15.
All-Star Batman #1
Harley Quinn #1
Suicide Squad #1
Trinity #1
Supergirl #1
Doom Patrol #1
Batman Beyond Rebirth #1
Teen Titans Rebirth #1
all_star_batman_1harley_quinn_1batman_beyond_rebirth_1doom_patrol_1_nyccsuicide_squad_1 teen_titans_1 supergirl_nycc heman_tundercats
Archie Variants
Archie isn’t letting DC have all the variant cover fun. Archie has NYCC exclusive variant covers of the following books. They each run $10 and can be found at the Archie Comics booth, #1936.
Archie Meets Ramones #1
Betty and Veronica #1
Josie and the Pussycats #1
Attack on Titan Anthology NYCC Variant Cover
Kodansha Comics has a limited edition, gold-foil stamped NYCC exclusive version of Attack on Titan Anthology. The gold foil version is limited to 500 copies. Kodansha also has some of the creators of Attack on Titan Anthology signing in-booth Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s all going down at the Kodansha booth, #2109.
Batman “Welcome to Gotham” NYCC Toon Tumbler Pint Glass
PopFun returns to NYCC with a new exclusive Toon Tumbler Pint Glass for the show. Limited to only 500 glasses, and featuring the art of Jim Lee, this may sell out quickly. Available PopFun’s booth, #237.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice PLAY ARTS – KAI Superman Black and White Variant Action Figure
Square Enix will have an exclusive Superman action figure rendered in a grayscale paint variant. The highly detailed action figure is outfitted in Superman’s costume from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Superman’s chest and cape are made from flexible material, allowing for a variety of poses. Available at the Square Enix booth, # 1805.
Bob’s Burgers Kuchi Kopi tote bag
Fans of Bob’s Burgers won’t want to miss out on picking up this bag, available at the Spoke Art booth, #417. Perfrect for hauling around all of your other NYCC exclusives!
Bortman by Kill! X Virva Peikko Action Figure
For the past couple of years at NYCC, artists have been releasing handmade action figures with authentic looking cards. This year’s highlight is clearly Bortman, a Bart Simpson and Michelangelo mashup. Limited to only 30 pieces and priced at $55. Available at DKE Toys, booth # 423.
Bruce Wayne ARTFX+ Statue
Superman Truth ARTFX+ Statue
Harley Quinn Bishoujo Statue
Kotobukiya has three exclusive statues for NYCC this year: an ARTFX+ rendering of a  tuxedoed Bruce Wayne, an ARTFX+ Superman from the recent Truth storyline and Bishoujo Harley Quinn. Bruce Wayne is $39.99, Superman is $54.99 and Harley Quinn is $74.99, available at Kotobukiya, booth #1554
bishoujo_harley_quinn bruce_wayne_artfx superman_artfx_nycc
Batman in Battle Armor Keepsake Ornament
1966 Classic TV Series Batman Squeeleys Keepsake Ornament
Star Wars Concept Boba Fett Keepsake Ornament 2-Pack
Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt Itty Bitty 2-Pack
Hallmark has four ornaments an Itty Bitty 2-Pack sure to excite fans of Batman and Star Wars. Ben Affleck fans can has Batfleck immortalized forever on their Christmas tree each year with the Batman in Battle Armor Batman vs. Superman Keepsake Ornament ($25). If Adam West is more your batspeed, you can buy the 1966 Classic TV Series Batman Squeeleys Keepsake Ornament ($25). Hallmark’s Star Wars ornament this year is actually two ornaments, both based on Ralph McQuarrie’s original design for legendary galactic bounty hunter, Boba Fett. The Boba Fett ornament 2-pack ($35) includes a full body ornament, and a highly detailed helmet ornament. Fans who purchased the Han Solo in Carbonite and Boba Fett Itty Bitty 2-pack last year can work on recreating Jabba’s throne room with the Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt Itty Bitty 2-pack ($20). Available at the Hallmark booth, #1920.
DC Monogram Keychain Boxed Set
Marvel Monogram Keychain Boxed Set
You can leave NYCC with your keys hanging from Disco Nightwing! Also included are Robin and Red Hood. But Disco Nightwing makes this set worth the price of admission alone. If the Spider-Verse is more your thing, Zapp Comics is also selling a three pack of Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman and Silk. Available at Zapp! Comics, booth 2513. $25 for 1 set, or $40 for both.
dc_monogram_keycahins marvel_monogram_keychains
Girl Power: Amanda Conner Gallery Edition Variant Cover
Girl Power: Amanda Conner reproduces Conner’s original art from Power Girl, Supergirl and Silk Spectre in the actual size of the original art. This version sports a cover exclusive to NYCC. Girl Power: Amanda Conner costs $125 and is available at Graphitti Designs, booth 1744.
Millennial Falcon Signed Print
 For the past few years, Young Justice artist Christopher Jones has been giving away (FOR FREE!) convention exclusive postcard sized prints to people who show that they follow him on Facebook or Twitter. This year’s free print is Falcon from The Avengers taking a selfie mid-flight. Get it? Millennial Falcon. Also available are prints from previous years: Flash: The Fastest Man Alive and Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet. Available at Christopher Jones’s table in Artist Alley, D9
Eye of Agamotto in Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Necklace
Screen accurate to Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange movie, and cast at 2:5 scale, this Eye of Agamotto necklace will ward off evil spirits as you wander the show floor. Available at Comic Book Jewelry/What’s Your Passion, booth #326.

NYCC Legend Ringer Tee

ReedPop has taken the iconic New York City ringer tee made famous by John Lennon and appropriated it for NYCC. Love John Lennon? Love New York Comic Con? Say hello to your new favorite t-shirt. Available at the ReedPop Supply Co, booth #NC1.

Star Trek Titans 4.5″ Enterprise-D
Star Trek USS Enterprise “Pilot Version” Keepsake Ornament
Just in time for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek comes these two depictions of the Enterprise. Titan has 4.5″ version of the Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, while Hallmark has repainted their USS Enterprise Keepsake Ornament to match the paint scheme used in the pilot episode of the original series. The Hallmark Keepsake Ornament can be purchased at the Hallmark Booth, #1920, for $30. The Titans Enterprise-D can purchased at the Titan Publishing booth, #2142.
Negan Kills Variants
Continuing the theme started at SDCC, Skybound has two comics with Negan Kills… variant covers. The covers of Green Valley #1 and Horizon #3 are paid a visit by everyone’s favorite baseball wielding psychopath from The Walking Dead. Each issue is $10 and is available at the Skybound booth, #1444.
Outcast Comic Kyle Action Figure
Skybound doesn’t have a Walking Dead exclusive action figure at NYCC this year, but they are offering the first ever exclusive Outcast action figure, sculpted by McFarlane Toys. The figure depicts series star Kyle surrounded by that mysterious black element. There are two versions of the figure available at NYCC, regular and bloodied. Each one is $25, and is available at the Skybound booth, #1444.
Funko Exclusives! 
Funko has A LOT of exclusives at NYCC this year from their Pop Vinyl, Dorbz and ReAction lines. The following will all be for sale at Funko’s booth, #722.
The strangest/best exclusive of the bunch? My vote goes to the ReAction Golden Girls set. Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia have finally been immortalized as action figures.
Other highlights include Pop Vinyls of Chef Deadpool, Kitty Pryde and Lockheed the Dragon, and Scott Pilgrim wearing an Astro Boy t-shirt.
funko_kitty_pryde  funko_chef_deadpool
There are a few Dorbz exclusives being offered by Funko at NYCC this year. But Mohawk Storm is clearly queen of them all.
Note: to buy Funko exclusives, you need to have already won the Funko ticket lottery, which closed on September 26.
The Simpsons Glow in the Dark Radioactive Man
Limited to 1,000 units, this 3 inch “radioactive” action figure of Radioactive Man glows in the dark. “Up and at them!” Available at Kid Robot’s booth, #502.