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The comics publisher Double Take is planning to hit NYCC in a big way with by giving away 10000 of their graphic novels, which are based on Night of the Living Dead. Part of the promotion was an 8 ft tall meterboard to be placed in the lobby at the Javits center, as you see at the show. However, the art that was submitted was rejected as being “suggestive.”

Here’s the art so you can judge for yourself.



Personally, I find these piece of art unobjectionable, and they are more artistic than “cheesecake” but…I can see how NYCC personnel could be antsy.

In the past ReedPOP  has come under heavy fire for inappropriate imagery, including the infamous “Big Cans” promo of a few years back.“Big Cans” promo of a few years back and some suggestive badges.  So if their consciousness has been raised, I think that’s all for the best.

That said, the second piece is clearly a take off on the art deco style art that’s found at Rockefeller Plaza, one of the #1 tourist destinations in New York.


And I have a feeling some of this public art wouldn’t fly on a banner at New York Comic Con either!



Mixed feelings on this, but mostly, no more big cans.


Edited to add: Oh yeah. Doubt this would fly now either.