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Two heroes are rejoining the Valiant Universe after a successful 25-issue ongoing series. Welcome Archer & Armstrong back to the Valiant Universe with A&A #1. The new title will debut in March 2016, and feature writing from Valiant newcomer Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) artist David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man) is adding pencils to the brand new comic. Lafuente recently signed an exclusive deal with Valiant. CBR wrote the news and confirmed that the series is a continuation of the comic book by Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry.

“In my first arc, Archer and Armstrong basically go into Armstrong’s bag,” Roberts said to CBR about his first arc of the series. “And it’s filled with monsters, demons and some old friends and enemies that are trapped inside due to Armstrong’s negligence. And a lot of them get out and wreak havoc. Archer, Armstrong and some very special guest stars have to team up and defeat the chaos that Armstrong has caused with his own drunken oafishness.”

Finally, Roberts detailed the first villain for the series, Bacchus.

“Bacchus has modeled himself after the Greek god of wine and revelry,” Roberts said. “It makes sense that Armstrong would have known him, being a big fan of wine and revelry himself. I don’t want to give too much away but he may or may not be an actual deity. He’s actually been trapped inside Armstrong’s satchel for thousands of years — a very, very long time and he was put there by Armstrong, who was “joking around” and forgot that he had done it.”




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