The Superman 75th Anniversary panel had two notable quotes from it, which I thought I should draw notice towards. The first is from Scott Lobdell, apparently announcing a big change for Superboy. The second is from Dan DiDio, and suggests… a Lois Lane series might be starting in 2014.


So, spoilers below.

The first quote comes courtesy of Matt Dodge from Multiversity, who quotes writer Scott Lobdell as announcing that the current Superboy is set to be killed off during the new Superman crossover ‘Escape from Krypton’:

Superboy makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life in order to stop the universe from falling apart

Although apparently this does not mean the ongoing Superboy series is cancelled, as he will be replaced by a clone version of the character who was previously established, called John Kent – who was created by mixing together genetic material from Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Ohboy.

But speaking of Lois Lane, the more interesting news is that there appears to be a hint that Lois Lane will be getting her own solo series next year.  Lucas Siegel from Newarama reported that DiDio said:

It’s her 75th Anniversary, too. We have big plans for Lois Lane in 2014, and who knows, her name can look just as good on the title of a comic as Supermans, can’t it?




  1. The Superboy series has been a mess, and if this isn’t Lobdell having people on, it’s going to get even messier. I’m definitely jumping off if Jon Lane Kent, another killer clone, takes over; this book has had enough chances.

    But a Lois comic? That could be good, so long as it doesn’t star a Lois clone from an alternate timeline bent on killing Superman. Which it probably will.

  2. The problem is, when they took the leap with the new 52, they really didn’t think out the characters. I mean, how many have already changed from when they first appeared. Some first stories just ignored to go with what they like now. DC didn’t commit fully to a NEW 52, they couldn’t get a timeline straight, they couldn’t even get characters right. Red Robin being a Robin, not being a Robin. Heck… the whole RedHood and the Outlaws or whatever it is doesn’t fit in the new 52.

  3. Here’s my pitch:
    “Young Lois Lane, Reporter”

    Take Encyclopedia Brown, mix in a bit of Nancy Drew; starring Lois Lane, Army brat.

    Two series:
    One aimed at tweens and middle school.
    One aimed at teens and high school.

  4. A Lois Lame[1] series and an even more convoluted than usual new version of Superboy aren’t going to make the Poo52 version of the Superbooks any less unreadable than it already is. DC should have realized by now that it doesn’t matter how many times they rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, the boat is still going to sink.

    [1] ‘Cause this version of Lois *is* lame by definition of her being part of irredeemably badly written Superman corner of the Poo52

  5. I would love to buy a Lois Lane book. The Superman mythos has suffered terribly in the new 52 and I’m still not sure they have any idea what they are doing with him. The “romance” with Wonder Woman really works better as a friendship/partnership than as a convincing love story.

    I feel like DC threw Lois Lane (and Lois and Clark) in the trash and the Superman mythos just isn’t going to recover. But I would gladly buy a book starring Lois Lane.

  6. I would trust DC Comics to revive a decent Lois Lane series only AFTER they fired Dan DiDio. Otherwise, fuhgeddaboudit.

  7. So much for diversity at DC. I’m really tired of fans whining that DC and Marvel don’t try anything different. When the “big 2” actually DO a book that’s off the beaten path( Green Team’s already been cancelled, with Movement right on its heels), these same people avoid it like the plague, while at the exact same time happily lapping up any Bat, Super, X, and Avengers related titles. I no longer blame DC and Marvel for being creatively lacking—-why should they try anything different.

    So, don’t whine about the next “major, not to be missed, nothing ever will be the same again, WE PROMISE THIS TIME!” crossover, please shut the hell up. After all, you’re the ones who asked for it.

  8. If we are going with a new take on Lois, why not try an Archie Comics move: new Lois look, new cover and main story, with reprinted Kurt Schaffenburger stories as back up? Take absurdist to the next level, attract new readers and older readers with minimal extra cost.

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