Reading comics on the go and saving space with your computer, smart phone, or tablet is one thing, having the ability to read them on your gaming system and TV screen is another.

Izneo, the first online platform dedicated to comics, European comics, mangas, graphic
novels and Webtoons, is a now 8-year-old company that provides an easily accessible comics library to your  iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, and computer systems. In short, it is the Netflix of comics.

On their website you can create an account, which allows you access to your content on any of these platforms as well as online streaming mode. With a collection of over 25,000 title, Izneo allows users to create their own online database for comics purchases, which are largely available for under $10.99 each and as low as $1.99 – with plenty of sales periods to grab your reads at a lower price. Additionally, you can subscribe for $7.99/month to have access to the majority of the Izneo library, short of high demand new releases. The Izneo comics library currently carries over 25,000 titles.

With your own account, you can download comics from your personal library to the system, allowing access to said comics offline and on the go, something I find perfect for travel and adding to the benefits of implementation on the fantastic on-screen, on-the-go Nintendo Switch console. Rather than simply purchasing and reading comics, Izneo’s app will allow users to choose their experience: reading page to page, panel to panel, zooming in function, and more. The app will also generate suggestions for readers based on a selected genre, however developers have assured this will not be invasive. I personally find services that constantly bombard you with algorithmically generated suggestions, whether through emails or front page spreads (looking at you, YouTube…) to be a little frustrating and tedious, giving me another extra step to getting to my preferred media. Izneo, by contrast, will have a separate tab dedicated to this in your account pages, rather than push the suggestions to the home page. To me, this is a subtle, yet considerate design, as the service isn’t trying to shove things in your face hoping you’ll buy them, but trust that as customers we have some idea of what we want and if the desire for something new comes, we have the option to see recommendations.

“We are proud to bring the Izneo reader to Nintendo Switch and offer the best comic books
reading experience to gamers,” said Luc Bourcier, CEO of Izneo. “Nintendo’s console is the
perfect platform for comic book reading. From gamer to reader the gap just got a little bit

Izneo’s library is perfect for all ages, comes equipped with parental controls, and upon launch will support translations in English, French, and German, with Spanish coming in early 2019.

Visit to learn more, explore their vast library, and give it a try for yourself.

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