First off…congrats to cartooners Abby Denson and Matt Loux who tied the knot not long ago.


And then celebrated with a honeymoon in Japan that including exhibiting at the Kaigai Manga Festa. Denson has a report on the event, which was part of the bigger Comitia show. It was also the first Japanese comics show where non-Japanese people could register for a booth—TCAF also took advantage of this, as did Marvel and Shifty Look. Denson’s report will have you drooling with envy:

The Festa was located at the entry lobby to Comitia, so the Comitia attendees could see us as they came in and anybody who was particularly interested in international comics could find us easily. That was a major plus of exhibiting there as opposed to being part of Comitia’s main floor, though both are fun! The Festa had also arranged some panels featuring very important and famous manga artists Katsuhiro Otomo and Naoki Urasawa as well as several major European artists. It was an honor to be associated with them and Matt even got to meet Katsuhiro Otomo when he walked by our table! Cool!

More in the link, but it’s interesting to see Japanese shows opening up to foreign cartoonists. W’ll all have to browbeat Chris Butcher to actually write up his impressions and reception at the Festa.


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