Frequent comics critic Noah Berlatsky has launched a site called The Gay Utopia a symposium of writing and comics about a theoretical bias and inhibition-free world:

The term “the gay utopia” is at least slightly ironic; I’m too much of a pessimist to believe that sexual freedom will actually bring about the millennium. At the same time, an interest in, or use of, the gay utopia unites much of the art and thought that has meant the most to me over the past few years. So, partially out of my own ambivalence, I wanted to put together a forum in which folks with various backgrounds, perspectives, and interests could respond to the gay utopia with enthusiasm, skepticism, both, or neither.

Comics contributors include Ariel Shrag and Johnny Ryan.


  1. Imagine my surprise when I saw a contribution on here from an old family friend. And I got to meet Scott Treleaven a few years back at the opening of his solo show near Ground Zero. My impression was that he’s another one of ours.