Welcome back to another year of the weird world outside of the panels. They don’t get much stranger than an homage to the cat who brought us Twin Peaks and Lost Highway. Do you enjoy Mullholand Drive and Mavis Beacon Typing CD’s from the 90’s/early 2000’s? Then indie game developers Hyacinth Nil and Luke Palmer have got something for you.

David Lynch Teaches Typing is exactly what the name says it is, a sort of typing tutorial software most of us older generation would remember from elementary school computer labs. Those rooms where the robot people heads from Saga weren’t just cool character designs by Fiona Staples. This brief keyboard clacker will remind you of the days when a computer monitor could crush a human being.

You’ll start out in a simple enough home row key lesson voiced by a parody of Lynch. It’s from there things get…well…David Lynch. Those tropes of the directors work we’ve come to love start to posses your screen. Things get kinda gross, kinda over complex, and just plain weird. Yet for being so strange and so short, the software is well designed in every aspect from the sprite look of Lynch to the audio work, it’s deceptively simple quality stuff.

The whole thing takes about five minutes and is free to download. Though I’m still not sure if there is a full version to unlock or if I even exist on the same plane of reality as you reading this. Bravo, RhinoStew.

Download it at the RhinoStew website and prepare to never look at your computer the same way again.

Note: The game is in no way endorsed or voiced by David Lynch.