200903250348How swamped are we? So swamped that we missed covering the story of a lifetime, as a tale of heroism and hope unfolded in Thailand. A Thai fireman who just happened to have a Spider-Man costume in his locker over at the firehouse, donned the costume in order to save a frightened autistic boy who had gone out on a ledge and refused to come in. “The boy immediately ran into his arms with a smile,” the hero Spidey’s boss reported.

This story reveals many things about life and love and loss. It reveals that keeping a spare superhero costume around is a very good idea. It reveals that Spider-Man is loved around the world. It reveals that mentally challenged children love superheroes and hope to be rescued.

The fireman, Sonchai Yoosabai, also keeps an Ultraman costume in his kit, allegedly to “liven up” fire drills. In many cases, we’d advise caution around anyone who likes to “liven things up” by dressing in a spandex long underwear suit, but in this case, it saved the day.


  1. That is a heartwarming story, and no pun intended. I hope the fireman’s Spider-Man costume is at least fire retardant. Otherwise a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. If you read the article, there actually was no fire– the kid was on a ledge at his school and wouldn’t come down. If there was a fire– it would be incredible. It’s still incredible, but that would be epic.

  3. I can just see Spidey racing through the flames to the troubled boy! Paul, you must draw this story! Marvel indie comics anthology are you listening????

  4. Heidi —

    This is a lovely story and thanks for bringing it to people’s attention.

    However, this sentence —

    “It reveals that mentally challenged children love superheroes and hope to be rescued.”

    — is still hurting my brain with its near-radioactive bizarreness. Are you okay?

  5. Great Story, read it yesterday. :)

    But I think we are all happy that it just worked out and the kid was not frightened from the suit instead of enarmored by it.

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