Just when you think there weren’t enough Spider-Men thanks to the Spider-Verse, Marvel has announced yet another new webslinger with a unique twist. It appears everyone’s favorite fuzzy elf mutant, Kurt Wagner a.k.a. Nightcrawler, will be embracing a new role as the Uncanny Spider-Man in a titular 5-issue limited series from writer Si Spurrier and artist Lee Garbett.

Uncanny Spider-ManBetween his work on Legion of X and Nightcrawlers, Spurrier is no stranger to the character. The first issue features a cover drawn by Tony Daniels. Here’s how Marvel describes the series:

UNCANNY SPIDER-MAN will be a five-issue limited series written by mutant mastermind Si Spurrier, continuing his thought-provoking work in the Krakoan era after Legion of X and Nightcrawlers, and drawn by Lee Garbett, known for his breathtaking art on Death of Doctor Strange. The heart of the X-Men, Kurt has always shined as one of the most heroic and daring mutants in the franchise. Now, as the darkness of FALL OF X overwhelms his fellow mutants, Nightcrawler will embrace a new role as a classic New York City-bamfing hero!

Escaping the turmoil of FALL OF X in a flash of smoke and brimstone, it’s time for Nightcrawler to play the swashbuckling, devil-may-care hero he was always destined to be! Meeting a potential new lover, battling some of the most iconic members of Spidey’s rogues gallery, and saving civilians, mutant and human alike—Kurt is having the time of his life! But it’s not all fun and games… Nightcrawler will also be a lone soldier on the frontlines of mutantkind’s upcoming war with ORCHIS. Throughout the saga, he’ll also confront a long-simmering mystery surrounding his mother, Mystique, as Spurrier’s bold transformation of the character approaches a startling climax!

Spurrier teased what’s to come for the mutant’s new role:

“What we’ve got here is a spectacular new beginning – which, yes, is code for ‘perfect jumping-on point’ – which leans hard into heroic, joyful, street-level action. Writing Kurt has always been an exercise in heart. He was the first to feel the cracks in Krakoa… and the first to try and do something about it. Unfailingly loyal to his people, his friends and his responsibilities, he’s gone through a lot. What’s been missing for him is the joy. The freedom. The thrill. And that’s where we find him now. In a restyled Spidey Suit, BAMFing across New York and rubbing shoulders (and butting heads) with the best heroes and villains of the Manhattan milieu…but of course it’s not quite that simple. Is Nightcrawler really doing this for the thrill? Or is he hiding? Is it easier to put on a mask and punch some villains in the nose than it is to stare trauma in the eye…?

“For me this series is a dream come true. A chance to write what my various briefs have never before allowed: pure, joyful, bold, fun superheroic action. And thanks to Lee, it looks astonishing.”

Look for Uncanny Spider-Man #1 to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, September 6th.



  1. I love this idea, but it’s really weird to me that this is the canon 616 Nightcrawler deciding to go be Spider-Man rather than a Spiderverse variant. I’m hoping the series will explain why he doesn’t just make up his own superhero person. (The answer is, for SALES.)

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