Next week, Comixology Originals will release Night of the Ghoul #6. The final issue of the Hollywood horror series comes from writer Scott Snyder, artist Francesco Francavilla, and letterer AndWorld Design. Today The Beat is pleased to present a preview of the series conclusion.

Throughout Night of the Ghoul, the series has cut back and forth between the story of a lost horror film (the titular “Night of the Ghoul”) and the present-day real world as the film’s star coerces an unwitting accomplice into helping him retrieve the movie from the studio’s vault. The final issue of the series promises to shed light on the secrets the movie has been hiding, and the reasons behind why it was locked away in the first place.

Night of the Ghoul is one of the initial Comixology Originals series from writer Scott Snyder as part of his Best Jackett Press line. The series, along with We Have Demons (with Greg Capullo) and Clear (with Francis Manapul) are three of eight series Snyder is penning for the digital publisher as part of a deal announced last year. Back when the deal was announced, Snyder described his goal for the line:

We’re doing a full range of books, from the book with Jamal Igle that’s directed at younger audiences with my son giving ideas for that book, to the historical fiction to the western with Dan Panosian, to the prose book with Jock, to the right up the middle blockbuster with Greg Capullo — the whole idea is really stretching, is to make me at least the best writer I can be. It’s to challenge me to take some risks to fall on my face, and all of it is of one mission statement — put on your best jacket, try your best to do things you believe in in the industry, be a better creator, be a better partner. All of those things.

Check out the five-page preview of Night of the Ghoul #6 below. The issue arrives via Comixology next Tuesday, April 19th, and is available for preorder now.