Nickelodeon Postimages Toonweekly Cover
The Nick Mag blog informs us that The April issue of Nickelodeon Magazine is another Cartoon themed issue. The cover above by Darwyn Cooke & Jacob Chabot isn’t the magazine cover but should be.


  1. I just bought that yesterday since there’s an Avatar 2pg comic included. That cover definitely would been a lot better than the one with photos of all the teeny bopper stars.

  2. Hey folks!

    Michael, you’d be surprised how little the Nik work pays. I actually do it ’cause its aimed at a young audience, it’s topical and funny.
    I wish I could find more kid entertainment work to do; it’s way more rewarding in terms of the energy you get back from kids.

    Naruto is not a state of mind, he’s a toon with hair that makes him Lisa’s perfect joke date. The challenge with a job like this is to submerge your own sensibilities and create an “on-model” image that convinces the young reader that these two characters exist in a common world.

    So I wish it was for the money, but it’s really because it’s a pleasant diversion and George Whiteside at Nik is a great AD.

    Anyhow, no worries


  3. It’s amazing how the internet is now like a permanent version of that scene in Annie Hall where Marshall McLuhan shows up to explain what his theories really mean.