Earlier today, Supreme: Blue Rose artist Tula Lotay revealed her variant cover to Shade the Changing Girl #1. The image features the eponymous Shade nonchalantly gazing at the viewer as she holds a book about her namesake in her hand.  She is surrounded by a potpourri of absurdities such as balloons, a watering can hung from the sky, a skeleton with a bicycle wheel wrapped around its neck, and even a tiger a la Life of Pi.


Known for the ethereal quality of her colors and inks, Lotay’s art never ceases to take our breaths away. That’s why its exciting that in addition to revealing the cover, Lotay released a process video that gives viewers an inside look at the creation of the cover. We get to watch Lotay take the inks through several blocking processes before finally producing the stunning cover shown above.

As Lotay elucidated on Twitter, her Shade the Changing Girl #1 variant is based off of an issue cover of Shade the Changing Man drawn by Duncan Fegredo.  The latter book is the conceptual inspiration for the new title.

Speaking of Fegredo, he released a video that demonstrates the creative process behind his own Shade the Changing Girl variant cover.

Shade the Changing Girl, which releases in October under DC Comics’ new Young Animals line, is written by Cecil Castellucci and drawn by Marley Zarcone. Regular series covers will be drawn by Becky Cloonan.


  1. Is Lotay the best cover artist out there today? Frison and Francavilla might be my personal favorites, but Lotay’s composition is so damn strong.

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