Or at least that’s what artist Joel Micah Harris shows us.

Via BuzzFeed


  1. BREAKING NEWS LOTS OF MEN DONT LIKE ALL OF THE SHOWS ON ABC AND CBS EITHER (and some of us are offended by the garbage they constantly pump out)

    seriously im not reading this blog anymore. we get it. i dont even read marvel or dc anymore (with the Grant Morrison Rule Of Exceptions in place). they dont appeal to me either! but the dead horse has been beaten. maybe i will check back in a month or so.

  2. I submitted some of my manatee drawings for a portfolio review at SDCC and was told point-blank by an editor, “No one wants to read a book about a fat manatee.”

  3. @ Ben Towle – I am sure there are enough people who would like love to see a manatee comic book. Take your work to another guy. Another and another until you find the right home for it. Or, pop it on Kickstarter and gain support and do it yourself.